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Top E-Cigarette Starter Kits: Halo-Cigs vs Apollo vs Green Smoke

If you are one of those people who use e-cigarettes, you will realize that most salesmen recommend a starter kit. It contains batteries, chargers, the accessories and the e-liquid needed for the e-cigarette to work. The e-cigarettes are not a guessing game. It does not make a user guess what keeps their device simple to assemble. Popular reviews have made this tool more saleable than other brands.

Halo e-Cigarettes

halo cigs review 019 Top E Cigarette Starter Kits: Halo Cigs vs Apollo vs Green Smoke

Since its emergence several years ago, electronic cigarettes have evolved. Today, these devices have been widely used by long term smokers who want to try something new. With their promising reviews, it has been found the products are on their way to penetrate the ecig market easily. Unique and interesting choices by Halo e-cigarettes are Triton Tank and G6 since they are not found in other brands. Famed for their higher capacity, the Tank will last for more puffs. The G6, on the other hand, has the anti-burn feature that is designed for safety. Get all the possible features on their site through coupon codes to benefit from their ongoing promo deals that make it more alluring to vapers.

Apollo e-Cigarettes

apollocoupons 300x227 Top E Cigarette Starter Kits: Halo Cigs vs Apollo vs Green Smoke

Among the electronic cigarettes brands, Apollo cigs have the most varied collections of products. They have eGo types, which are the cig-a-like types. Apollo cigs carry a bigger tank to hold E-liquids and it also has a more powerful battery type that controls the way you vape. Apollo cigs also makes your puffing experience more pleasurable. To have more benefits, input the Apollo coupon codes which are found on the website designed for the users to enjoy big savings.

Green Smoke e-Cigarettes

2014.01.10 ecigologist 076 300x200 Top E Cigarette Starter Kits: Halo Cigs vs Apollo vs Green Smoke

Green Smoke electronic cigarettes came up with the user-friendly and two-piece unit, making it attractive and unique to users. Most reviews done by previous users are praises because of its thick vapor and rich flavor. What’s makes Green Smoke electronic cigarette known is their certified plants and facilities in international standards, which means each batch of e-liquid are well tested and sternly follows airflow and safety tests. This is done to keep their consumers satisfied and safe with their puffing experience. Users of Green Smoke e-cigarette are assured of both the high quality and the discount offers to those who purchase on their website using coupons. Some of the benefits you can get out are its thick vapour and richer flavors with each puff as it hits the throat amazingly. Green Smoke may be costly, but it is all worth buying, and having codes used to activate the discount, you can get promo rates.

In Conclusion, no matter how perfect they are, there is no one e-cigarette brand that fits for everybody. Take note that, at the end of the day, it will always all boil down to your personal preferences. Whether you’d like to try out Halo Cigs or go for Apollo, or you would like to switch to GreenSmoke, make sure to use these coupon codes to benefit from huge discounts. With plenty of different flavor options and features to choose from, their e-liquid screams with delicious flavors.

Type of Electronic Cigarettes and Best Brand For Each Type

2014.01.10 ecigologist 061 Type of Electronic Cigarettes and Best Brand For Each Type

As the popularity and usage of electronic cigarette is increasing rapidly, new types of electronic cigarettes are being introduced. However, every product has some main and core types. Electronic cigarettes are of some major types. Throughout the world there are thousands of electronic cigarette brands and maximum of them will be one of these few major types. According to the basic comparing criteria such as, size, look, battery capacity, etc. there are three prime types of electronic cigarettes. Those are cigs-alikes, mid-size, and APVs.

Cig-alikes is the first and primary type of electronic cigarettes. The style and shape are very analogue of this particular type. However, this type is still very popular to the customers. There are some significant reasons behind this long lasting popularity. The main reason is the similarity with the real cigarettes. You will find hardly any different between cig-alikes and natural tobacco cigarette in its shape and design. However, it will be a little bit heavier.

Mid-size e-cig is the second type of electronic cigarette which can be said the second generation of electronic cigarette. This type looks like a pen. This is very stylish and have got a very convenient price. The most popular of this type is eGo style. eGo style is nowadays chosen by most of the customers from this mid-size type as you will get the combination of all necessary facilities. The size is larger than the cig-alikes type. Moreover, you will get the customization option in this type. The flavors, nicotine strength level, batteries, etc. are now customizable.

The last and latest type of electronic cigarette is APV which means Advanced Personal Vaporizers. Nowadays it is a common model and the customers are preferring this type. Its latest features and existence of all the necessary facilities make it very popular. The charging facility, strong battery life, preferred flavors, suitable nicotine strength all are available in this type.

Best Brands For The Different Types Of E-cigarettes

There are thousands of available brands of all these three types of electronic cigarettes. Moreover, the popularity of all of the types is still similar. There are customers of all types. V2 which is a well-known brand of e-cig. This is because it is the best e-cig of cig-alikes type which is a primary type e-cig. You will find all the similarities with the usual tobacco cigarette. On the other hand, the Halo Triton Tank is eGo style electronic cigarette. Halo is considered as one of the best type eGo style e-cig which has different modern facilities with a pen like shape. In addition, the latest and most modern type e-cig is Apollo which the best vaporizer type e-cig. It includes the top most facilities and customization options. To know more about the brands mentioned here, checkout these E-cig review links from PulitzerGateWay.org

V2 Cigs Coupons: http://www.pulitzergateway.org/reviews/v2cigs/

Halo Cigs Coupons: http://www.pulitzergateway.org/reviews/halo/

Apollo E Cigs Coupons: http://www.pulitzergateway.org/reviews/apollo/

Know More About Vapor Zone’s E-liquid

Probably one of the reasons why Vapor Zone became really popular in a short period of time is their 100% US made E-liquids. They have the biggest collection of about 30,000 awesome flavors ranging from traditional tobacco flavors to exotic ones such as Marshmallow and Coconut. E-liquids are great because it helps people save even more money on E-cigarettes because they don’t need to replace their flavor cartridges every time and just need to refill it, narrowing the cost from $3 to about 60 cents. Furthermore, with E-liquids also give vapers more control as they can mix and match flavors and blend their own personalize flavors.

Let us know more about Vapor Zone E-liquids in this short Vapor Zone review (read full review for Vapor Zone here) and why they totally rock. Read on.

What’s in VaporZone E-Liquid?
Vapor Zone has high standards in making their E-liquid. They only use Malaysian palm-sourced vegetable glycerin and other ingredients are USP Grade Kosher. The quality level of these ingredients is considered “inhalation grade” making them specialized for their intended purpose; a step beyond just food grade but still is not meant to be food or to be eaten.

How To Use Vapor Zone E-liquid?
You probably have heard in the news about E-liquids poisoning or irritating skin but let us defend E-liquids here. First, E-liquid poisoning especially with children can be avoided if only people would follow instructions to get childproof cap and store E-liquid in places where children can’t reach (like any other household items that are not for kids). Again Vapor Zone made it clear that E-liquids cannot be eaten so to avoid poisoning, one should follow this rule. Second, nicotine liquid is not meant to come into contact with your skin so if you are refilling, make sure to use gloves and drippers in order to avoid leakage and skin contact. It is also better to hold the liquid bottle at an angle, and drop it slowly, one drop at a time, into the center sides of the unit (not directly downwards) while pouring E-liquids into your cartomizer.

How Do I Choose Nicotine Strength?
Vapor Zone offers different level of nicotine strength – from 0% to 3.6%. If you are a typically heavy cigarette smoker you will most likely enjoy the 2.4% and the 3.6% nicotine strength. If you are an average smoker then you will enjoy the 1.2% and the 1.8%. If you are a light smoker then you will enjoy the .6% strength and if you are looking to really get your nicotine addiction out and just focus on the flavors and the act of smoking itself, you can choose the 0%.

How To Choose Flavors?
At vapor Zone, they are all about flavors with over 30,000 possible flavors in their collection. It’s better to experiment and try as many flavors as you can in the beginning and stick with the flavors that you truly fell in love with. Just so you know, Vapor Zone is now offering a flavor of the month special where they highlight a particular blend, and offer it at a rather sweet discount of 25% off! Check it out today and use this Vapor zone coupon code to even up the savings. Enjoy!

E-cigarette review sites are highly recommending Vapor Zone and we are too. So get your Vapor zone cigs today and experience vaping like no other.

The Best Electronic Cigarette Deals And Coupons Around

Electronic cigarettes had been one of the best technological advancement invented this decade. It helps smokers have a better alternative by replicating the same taste and feel of smoking but without all the harmful chemicals traditional cigarettes have and without that nasty smell and ashes cigarettes bring. .

The only problem is that many people find the initial price of electronic cigarettes quite expensive. This is because electronic cigarettes, unlike traditional cigarettes, can be use as many times as you want. It is reusable and one just need to recharge the batteries and refill their cartridges from time to time. Surveys even shows that in the long run, E-cigarettes will even cut one’s annual budget for smoking in half when they switch to ecigs. Despite this fact, E-cigarettes are still beyond their budget (especially that they still didnt know if they will really like it).

Luckily, leading e-cigarette brands like V2 cigs, Blu cigs and more, understand this and they want to help you through Electronic cigarettes coupon codes. Coupon codes are usually generated online that you can copy and paste. They can help you buy any E-cigarette products of the participating retailer in a much lesser price. Simply put the E-cig coupon codes before you checkout and get instant discount. Some of these e-cig coupons can be used once. Some of them can be used for several times during the validity period. Most importantly, some of them can even be used on already discounted products or storewide sale so you can save twice. With electronic cigarette coupons, you can avail different discounts on their starter kits from 10% off up to 50%. You can also get lowered prices on their cartridges such as $50 off or $10 off. You can also get some discounts on shipping and delivery.

To help you with that, we’ve searched the internet and chose the best electronic cigarette deals and discounts available today. These ecig coupon deals are from the top E-cigarette brands so dont waste them and use it in your purchase. With this ecig coupons, you are sure to get a great vaping experience in a more affordable price. Here are the coupons

V2 cigs coupon codes
NYE Promo Code: Save 40% Off NYE Kit Using The Code: CHIMNEY
Take 30% Off Ultimate Starter Kit Using The Code: SUMO15
10% OFF V2 Cigs All Items using the code SUMO
Take 20%-50% OFF V2 Clearance Items using the code SUMO
30% Off E-Liquid ($27.52 Savings) using the code SUMO
20% Off All Accessories using the code SUMO
Take 15% Off ALL Starter Kits! using the code CHIMNEY

Green smoke cigs coupon codes
Save 10-15% OFF All Items No minimums, free USA shipping using the code SUMO
10% OFF all orders over $100 using the code DISC10-29928
5% off all orders under $100 using the code DISC5-29928

Vapor Couture coupon codes
15% OFF Vapor Couture Starter Kits using the code SUMO15
10% OFF Vapor Couture All Items using the code SUMO
Take 25% Off Deluxe Kit ($23.50 Savings) using the code SUMO
Take 25% Off Essentials Kit ($15.27 Savings) using the code SUMO

Halo cigs discount code
20% Off G6 Mini-Tanks for Halo using the code TRYTANKS
Get 5% Off All Items from Halo using the code SUMO

Coupon for Blu Cigs
Save 5% Off All Starter Kits from Blu Cigs using the code ECIGS365
Get $5 Off Resolution Solution Kit + Earn 350 Points using the code ECIGS365
20% Cartridges + Free Shipping if you buy 4 packs of cartridges

V2 ECigs Review, Plus… Top Coupon Deals for 2014

At twables we like to report on new and groundbreaking products. This year the Electronic cigarette or E cig has shown huge innovation that has changed the dynamics of it’s industry. This rechargeable device allows you to smoke without the harmful chemical substances. Also, it does not hinder you in smoking pleasurably because it still has a vapor. For smokers who are just after the easing effect of nicotine, this wonderful product is a great alternative. For first-time users, it is much recommended to try the E cig starter kit products

V2 Cigs Coupon Code Discounts for 2014:

Expired: NYE Promo Code: Save 40% Off NYE Kit Using The Code: CHIMNEY
Expired: 50% off 1 Day Sale kits, 30% off Carts – 1DAY ONLY
30% Off coupon code Ultimate Starter Kit Using The Code: VAPORLIFE15
15% OFF coupon code All Types Of V2 Cigs Starter Kits Using The Code: VAPORLIFE15
10% OFF coupon code V2 Cigs All Items Using The Code: VAPORLIFE10
20%-45% OFF V2 Clearance Items

Source: find these v2 cigs coupon codes at fabudaily.com.

V2 cigs coupon code V2 ECigs Review, Plus... Top Coupon Deals for 2014

Similar Coupon Codes:

Vapor Zone Coupon Code – 10% off all items, (except e-liquids).


If you are not familiar with v2, continue to read our v2cigs kit review to know what this brand has to offer:

About V2cigs…An E Cig Like No Other

The V2 Cigs E cig is a revolutionary alternative to conventional cigarettes. These present the familiar cigarette experience without the hassle and dangers of smoke, ash, and odor bring forth by tobacco cigarettes. This technology boasts the elimination of combustion that prevents the disadvantageous effects of smoking. V2 E cigs do not produce smoke; they only produce vapor. Basically, its proprietary nicotine liquid is atomized into a vapor that naturally feels and fulfills like smoke. Ultimately, V2 cigs are free of tar and carbon monoxide.

Caution for Consumers

V2 Cigs can be consumed by smokers of legal age. These products should not be used by children, pregnant, or breast-feeding women. Moreover, those who are suffering from heart ailments, high blood pressure, diabetes, and those individuals taking medication for asthma or depression are not allowed to purchase these E cigs. It is also of note that this product is not sold for therapeutic purposes

Various Flavor (Cartridges)

You will delighted to know that V2 Cigs has an array of flavors to choose from. Essentialy, it offers a total of 10 luscious vapor flavors. These are divided into 3 categories— Tobacco Flavors, Mint and Menthol Flavors, and Specialty Flavors. For tobacco lovers, try the V2 Congress (refined tobacco blend), V2 Red (American tobacco blend), or V2 Sahara (Turkish tobacco blend). Those who dig menthol cigarettes will be pleased to have a dose of V2 Menthol (crisp cool menthol taste), V2 Peppermint (sweet mint), and V2 Mint Tea (smooth and refreshing). And to savor the best of V2 Cigs, do not miss its  V2 Chocolate (creamy milk chocolate), V2 Vanilla (smooth, rich and sweet), V2 Coffee (American doughnut house java), and V2 Cherry (farm fresh cherry taste).

Choose your own! V2 Cigs not only has refillable cartridges, but you can use your own e-liquids with either the cartridge blanks, or v2cigs ex blanks. a HUGE plus in our book!.

Ace Benefits

When you use an E cig, you will be glad that your fingers will not change their color into yellow, and your teeth will not suffer discoloration. Moreover, your lips will be saved form dark spots caused by nicotine. Since the product is made of steel, you can always be sure that your hygiene and physical appearance will not be compromised by doing your vice.

Enjoy Vaporizing!

Best Holiday Deals for Streetwear for 2014

If you’re looking for the best holiday deals for your favorite streetwear brands, you’re in luck!

There’s no way we’d let you queue in long lines and beat a crazy shopping crowd, so we rounded up the best Cyber Monday deals we found from our favorite online streetwear shops.

After all, Cyber Monday is the icing on the online shopping cake for anyone and everyone looking to splurge on pretty, sweet deals!

Here are the best Cyber Monday deals that you should take advantage of now:

1. Karmaloop – 40% Off + $25 Gift Code on Orders Over $350 or 25% Off + $15 Gift Code on Orders Over $150 or 20% Off on Orders Over $75 or 15% Off on Orders Over $35 (Use Karmaloop Code: CYBERVISION at checkout)

NEWTOP1218 v2 med Best Holiday Deals for Streetwear for 2014Opening its virtual doors back in 2000, Karmaloop is easily one of the most popular streetwear retailers on the Internet. The store has amassed more than 500 brands in its product portfolio, making it easier for likeminded individuals to gain access to the brands they love. In addition, Karmaloop has several other mini-shops within their online shop such as Kazbah, where you can cop other collections of independent brands and Miss KL.

While Karmaloop’s Cyber Monday deal is pretty hard to beat, you can save even more when you shop with ebates.com. They’re putting in a 4.5% cashback if you sign up for an account!

2. DQM – 25% Off Everything Online (Use code: CYBERMON at checkout)

DQM is a New York-based online shop that carries the best skate gear in the market from its in-house brands to decks from Alien Workshop to sneakers from Nike, Vans, and Converse.

Their Cyber Monday Sale starts at 12am and ends at 11:59pm EST. It only applies to the cost of items and it does not apply to tax or shipping.

3. Reed Space – 30% Off Select Items + Free Shipping within the US (Use code: REEDCYBER13 at checkout)

Reed Space is the brainchild of Industry creative Jeff Staple. It is often regarded as the pioneer of lifestyle boutiques and proudly carries brands like Publish, Staple, Stussy Deluxe, The Hundreds,  and U.S. Alteration just to name a few.

And oh, if you happen to miss the Cyber Monday Sale, just head in store and take advantage of their 25 Days of Christmas Sale. Each day a different item will be on sale for 25%. Yo, this is why everyone loves Christmas!

4.     Plndr – 20% Off Your Entire Purchase (Use this PLNDR code: XMASMID at checkout)

Fancy higher-end streetwear brands like Bedwin &The Heartbreakers and Garbstore? Make sure to check out Bodega. Not only does the store carry limited-edition releases and exclusive products, the shop’s own in-house collection is incredibly well-made and deserves every bit of the limelight itself!

So what are you waiting for? Get your fingers busy and cop the best deals available on the Internet now.

Good thing Cyber Monday only happens once every year… or else we’d all be taking our broke asses home!

Top Sites To Help You Get Ahead On Black Friday!



Black Friday is already here! And as early as today, the online sites are being bombarded by ads that retailers will sell during Black Friday. Make sure you dont miss out a great deal! These five sites will offer the latest ads, consumer guides, and more for shoppers hoping to get ahead on Black Friday and get the best out of this holiday season. They serve as a listing site of the best Black Friday deals around. So read on.

1. BFAds.net

2. Black Friday.info

3. TheBlackFriday.com

4. BlackFriday.GottaDeal.com

5. Black-Friday.net

Coupon Humor: A Caution For Other Shoppers


Funny coupon pic…

Tools for your Virtual Team, Plus Norton and Kaspersky Codes!


Putting together a virtual team can be a daunting task for any one. The whole process can be faced with many obstacles, involving a lot of mistakes, many stumbles and loads of frustration. One way to effectively manage a virtual team is by employing useful tools. These tools will serve as the major part of your team’s workflow. While some services can be used for free, some others will require you certain amount so you can be able to fully use it features. The following are some software that you can get started.

Basecamp – Managing a project over the internet with a virtual team has been made easy with a dedicated project management app called Basecamp. No other app can beat basecamp’s features. Email is good for conversations, but for bigger projects that require the cooperation of other teammates online who are offshore, this app is very useful. Basecamp keeps your inbox clutter-free. It allows the whole team to discuss and view a webpage dedicated only to a certain project. It also offers a way to track team’s progress towards a goal and includes “to do” list too. Online file sharing calendars, files, images, and other documents are also part of Basecamp’s. Get a 60 day free trial code.

SkypeSkype has been widely used all over the world. This program is very useful whether for personal or professional use. It allows video calls, voice calls, chat, and file transfers for free, using the internet. It is a very convenient way to communicate with co workers, clients or even families and friends even when you are miles apart.

Antivirus – There is another important thing that you must not forget – getting and installing an effective antivirus software! Antivirus software provides many benefits such as protection from compliance violations, data loss, identity theft, lost productivity and network downtime. Also, it helps avoid sneaking and spreading infected computer to other uninfected computers, thus, it should not be neglected by anyone else especially if you are managing a virtual team. Remember that a virus can easily spread over a network connection or a virtual team. If you fail to install, your entire network or your entire virtual team will surely be at high-risk.

Norton Antivirus Coupon Code 30% off

nortoncupon 300x225 Tools for your Virtual Team, Plus Norton and Kaspersky Codes!

Now here’s the deal for you! Today we are giving away a coupon code for one of the best antivirus around – Norton. Superbly designed and easy to use, it seeks and destroys malware and cleans infected PCs as soon as possible. Norton antivirus usually has a trial edition runs for 15 days, after which users may upgrade to a 1-year subscription for a $49.99/€37 fee. The package bundles antivirus, anti-spyware and browser protection components, installs under one minute and does not require a system restart. But you can save as much as 30% with these coupon codes! Get Norton virus now and you are sure to have one of the best antivirus around.

Kaspersky Antivirus

Popular in European countries, the russian based antivirus software also has coupons and deals. Check this page for a $20 off kaspersky promo code.

Some online gurus make it sounds so easy on how to build and manage a great virtual team. But the truth is finding the right outsource team is quite hard. But with the right tools, proper planning and follow-ups you have the right recipe for success.

[Source Fwire]

Welcome to Twables.com



Welcome to Twables.com The place where you are able to tweak the prices of the products and services you love!

Why Twables.com?
We are passionate about giving people access to the best coupons online – we do the hunting, the filter and deliver only the best to you – and we have never charges anything on Twables. We just love doing the work for you because coupons had changed our life and we want you to experience the same!

Why Use Coupons?
The most obvious reason to use coupons are the immediate savings they can provide! Shoppers can save money on their favorite products and services, and savings can come in many ways. It may be a free shipping and handling, a 5 to 50 percent off discounts, a buy 1 take 1 free and many more! The savings one derives from the use of online coupons accumulates quickly. Just see our early posted infographics for more backup information.

Another is that online coupons can be used on new products that you never have tried before. Thus, in using online coupons you can begin to sample new products and services without breaking the bank.

If you are a shopper that likes to stock up on items, online coupons can benefit you too. Bulk purchases can be made with certain online coupons and you can reap significant savings when you purchase things in quantity.

Once you discover the benefits that you can get from using online coupons, we are sure that you too, will be caught up in the wave. So make sure to bookmark our site and check us out regularly. Because we’ve got the best coupons for you.